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WarnerMedia Announces Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Movie Will Not Be Aired on HBO Max Before it is Released

by Heuristic

WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey said it was out of the question for the tenet film to be released on HBO Max without going into vision, but because of the pandemic, more films could go straight to the digital platform.

Tenet’s vision date, signed by Christopher Nolan, which is among the most highly anticipated films of this year and hopes to re-attract audiences to long-closed movie theaters, was recently postponed indefinitely. Warner Bros. although he has not yet announced a new vision date for the film, he has stated that the new date set for the film will be in 2020 and has stated that this date will be announced very soon.

The fact that many movie theaters did not open due to the pandemic caused Tenet’s vision history to be permanently delayed. Originally scheduled to be released on 17 July, the film was first postponed to 31 July and shortly thereafter to 12 August. Nolan’s insistent attitude at the time that the film should be released as soon as possible was reinforcing the possibility that the film would be released on August 12. But the skyrocketing number of cases in the United States has led Warner Bros.he blew up his plans.

Now the film has been postponed indefinitely, bringing with it various rumours. Depending on the circumstances of the pandemic, rumours have surfaced that Tenet could be released directly on digital platforms without being released. For a film directed like Christopher Nolan, who espoused his cinema experience and made it his mission to be the saviour of movie theaters, such a thing is unlikely to happen, but these rumours have been raised.

John Stankey, chief executive of WarnerMedia, which is among Hollywood’s oldest and most powerful studios and has become financially stronger following its acquisition by AT&T, also felt the need to respond to those rumors.

John Stankey Assured Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Film Will First Be Shown In Cinemas

At a conference he recently attended, John Stankey clarified the possibility that Tenet would be released on HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s new digital platform, which opens in May. While Stankey said he believed the studio’s cinema experience existed; “the longer this (pandemic) goes on, there will be some content that is better presented with a different distribution arrangement. I like the fact that we have that option now,” he said in a statement.

Asked if this would happen with big-budget films like Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet, he said: “I would be very surprised if that happened.” gave the answer. Regarding Tenet, he assured analysts that this would not be the case, and that the film would first meet audiences in cinemas.

With these statements, John Stankey refuted the possibility that Tenet would be published directly on digital platforms. They said they wanted to overcome this difficult process by working with cinema partners and participants, adding that some films were likely to be delayed because of the outbreak. Now that this situation is finally over, all we have to do is film Warner Bros. waiting for the new vision date to be announced by.

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