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Top 13 Sequels That Didn’t See The Value They Deserved, According To Collider

by Heuristic

The top 13 sequels from Blade Runner 2049 to Scream 4, from The Exorcist III to Psycho II have not seen the value it deserves according to Collider!

During the period when the films came into existence, both the critics and the audience appreciated or achieved box office success, often directed the producers to film the sequel and as a result, many sequels showed presence in the world of cinema.

Some sequels, not even close to the first film, the audience is disappointed and filmed in the way we said olurmuş olurmuş, some sequels were also better shot than the first film had the name mentioned. In addition, a few people liked, a little bit on the edge of the corner, the audience’s interest in a lot of the sequels also appeared.

Collider, on the other hand, made a list of the top 13 sequels that did not see the value they deserved.

The weight of the horror film by Wes Craven Scream series in 2011 and captured in this list the new movie, Scream 4, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty directed by the third movie in the series, The Exorcist III, Psycho Alfred Hitchcock’s film the world of cinema who signed in after many years of coming, as in the first film made in 1983, which is located in the lead Anthony Perkins, Psycho II, Halloween series Michael Myers and Laurie Strode character that is etched in memory as a single movie without moving on Halloween III: Season of the witch includes titles such as.

Also in the list who didn’t like the cut begeneni its fair share of negative reviews as much as space sci-fi classic Blade Runner Blade Runner sequel with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling 2049 from the future, bill and Ted go to hell and get out of there killed by the copies, to look for ways to tells, starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Bill & Ted series, the second film Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, apart from horror, the neighbours ‘ sequel Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising, which gained a considerable fan base when it premiered in 2016, has also featured in a variety of productions.

Collider’s list of 13 films can be found below.

Top 13 Sequels That Didn’t See The Value They Deserved, According To Collider

Scream 4 – Wes Craven (2011)

Exorcist III-William Peter Blatty (1990)

Blade Runner 2049-Denis Villeneuve (2017)

Gremlins 2: The New Party – Joe Dante and Chuck Jones (1990)

Bill & Ted’s fake journey – Peter Hewitt (1991)

Aladdin and the King Of Thieves – Tad Stones (1996)

Friday 13. Episode VI: Jason Lives-Tom McLoughlin (1986)

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch – Tommy Lee Wallace (1982)

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising-Nicholas Stoller (2016)

Wes Craven’s new nightmare – Wes Craven (1994)

Curse of Chucky – Don Mancini (2013)

Shanghai Knights-David Dobkin (2003)

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