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Tenet’s Vision Date Is Set!

by Heuristic

Worldwide vision dates set for Christopher Nolan’s new film “Tenet”

The vision date for the” Tenet ” movie was postponed, put on hold, canceled, Warner Bros. said. in a surprise decision, he announced the film’s worldwide vision dates. The vision date for the film “Tenet” was postponed indefinitely because of a Coronavirus outbreak last week. Not long after that decision, Warner Bros. revised its statement. the film thrilled moviegoers by giving international vision dates in the first place.

Warner Bros. said the countries ‘ attitude to the Coronavirus outbreak was instrumental in setting the announced Vision dates. accordingly, the vision date of “Tenet”in 60 countries including the UK and Turkey has been set as 26 June 2020 according to the dates when movie theaters are ready to start serving again.

In the United States, due to the lack of necessary measures for the pandemic and the poor management of the situation, the vision date was set as 2 September 2020. But that date is Warner Bros.it looks like that will change again if the un decides cinemas are not safe. In addition, the countries whose date of vision is not yet clear were announced as China and Brazil.

“Tenet” will be the biggest step towards a return to cinemas once the film is in vision and we will see in the coming days whether it will enable people to go to the cinema.

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