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Streaming Platforms Won’t Be Able To Bid On Tom Cruise’s Film Going Through Space

by Movie Mag

New developments from the film, in which Tom Cruise and Elon Musk will collaborate…

Details have come in about star actor Tom Cruise’s new film, which will have a budget in excess of $ 200 million. According to Variety, the film is a very high-budget production and Tom Cruise is expected to earn at least $ 30 million in revenue from this film as an actor, so the film will be screened in theaters for sure. Film companies began preparing their bids for the science fiction film. But they were informed that streaming platforms had been prevented from submitting bids.

Tom Cruise, whose name is not yet known, can say that everything is clear except for the film itself. The film will be directed by Doug Liman; it will be performed by a collaboration of Elon Musk, SpaceX and NASA. The search is also underway for the company to be granted the rights to the film. It is also certain that film companies will enter the race and spend big money on it. The film, which will take Tom Cruise into space and perhaps accelerate space tourism, could take the world of cinema into a new era. Of course, only filmmakers who can find big producers and collect big budgets will be able to step into this period.

The budget for this film, which will be shot in space, will be around $ 200 million. Tom Cruise’s expected earnings as an actor and producer are between $ 30 million and $ 60 million. In other words, even if it waits 10 years to get into the vision, we are waiting for a film that can only get what it wants from the box office. It was confirmed that invitations were being sent and talks were being held so the companies could bid. But 2 major streaming platforms were not invited to bid. Both Doug Liman and Tom Cruise want the film to build on the cinema experience and work with a traditional studio. It is also said that the $ 200 million budget for Universal Pictures would mean taking too big a risk. But there are still negotiations with Universal.

Tom Cruise’s wishes were expressed at the same time as Christopher Nolan in the film Tenet. Although the film was subject to insistence that it be broadcast on HBO Max, Nolan insists that his film be shown in cinemas. But in a different way, Netflix has the Gray Man, which the Russo Brothers will be shooting with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Netflix is allocating close to almost $ 200 million for the Gray Man, which will be Netflix’s biggest budget-allocating film ever.

Whether Netflix made a mistake about it or not, we’ll see later on whether the film will sink. Tom Cruise and Doug Liman continue their search for the company in the process.

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