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Splinter Cell Anime Coming Up!

by Heuristic

Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter we know from” John Wick, “has joined the cast of”Splinter Cell, ” which will take place in a Netflix production.

The film and television adaptation of the famous video game “Splinter Cell”has been being worked on for years. Netflix rushed to the aid of the production, which was left in a sort of purgatory. While the fate of the motion picture and film adaptation is still unclear, Netflix has begun work on the “Splinter Cell” anime.

The first “Splinter Cell” game was released in 2002. After its big debut, the game maintains its success with sequels and books, focusing on the covert operations of Sam Fisher, a former Navy soldier, at the Third Echelon unit of the National Security Agency. The fact that these tasks take place entirely off the record and in secrecy will likely form a large part of the atmosphere of the television adaptation.

The anime “Splinter Cell”, scripted by Derek Kolstad, was scheduled to have two seasons and 16 episodes. Details for the “Splinter Cell” adaptation, which will take place in collaboration with Ubisoft, will be clear in the coming days.

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