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Sony Changes Vision History of Spider-Man 3

by Movie Mag

Spider-Man 3’s vision date was taken from November to December.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, film companies began changing film calendars with a joint decision. After Warner Bros., Disney and Paramount Pictures, the news of Spider-Man came from Sony. November to December 2021 is the vision date for Spider-Man 3, starring Tom Holland, according to the announcement.

The Spider-Man series, which Sony and Disney jointly brought to life, had brought great controversy. Tom Holland, who had to shuttle between Sony and Disney, was caught between the two companies ‘ disagreements. The final decision was to transfer the Spider-Man character entirely to Sony. The two companies will collaborate in Spider-Man for the last time, and Tom Holland will continue to work in Sony’s Marvel Universe after that. At this time the vision history of the third film in the series was changed several times.

Spider-Man 3, which primarily chose July 16, 2021 as its self-vision date, was stuck in the hurdles of the Coronavirus outbreak. With these obstacles, the film’s vision date had been set for November 5, 2021. It was now amended once again and decided on December 17, 2021.

Tom Holland, meanwhile, is busy filming Uncharted. Production of the play adaptation, which has long been delayed from filming, is quickly underway. Spider-Man 3 production hasn’t started yet. Only a few clues were given about him. Director Jon Watts will take his inspiration from the Serenity episode of the series Seinfeld this time, and will feature many references. Zendaya will continue to be featured alongside Tom Holland in the film’s cast.

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