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Mark Hamill’s Touch To The Mandalorian

by Movie Mag

In the first season of the series” the Mandalorian”, Mark Hamill announced that he voiced a ‘droid’.

Mark Hamill is undoubtedly one of the artists most connected to the” Star Wars ” universe. Hamill, who has starred in many productions not only through his acting but also as a voice actor, announced that he voiced a ‘droid ‘ in the first season of “the Mandalorian.” This surprise secret, revealed by Jon Favreau, one of the series ‘ screenwriters, was confirmed by Mark Hamill via Twitter.

Voiced by Mark Hamill, who is not mentioned in the series ‘production staff,’ the droid ‘ is a character named EV-9D9 who is in a bar in Mos Eisley on the planet Tattooine in the fifth episode of the first season. Mark Hamill’s Twitter Share on the subject and the appearance of the EV-9D9 character can be found here.

We can hear Mark Hamill voice a character again in the second season of “the Mandalorian.” Although there has been no official announcement, fans of the series seem to be “listening” to the series more carefully after this revealed secret. “The Mandalorian Season 2” will begin airing through Disney+ on October 2020.

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