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Leonardo DiCaprio To Produce Island

by Heuristic

Television adaptations of Aldous Huxley’s books continue to follow one after another. After “Brave new World,”comes the television adaptation of the book “Island.” “Island” will be produced by Leonarda DiCaprio.

Published in 1962, the book comes across as a utopian depiction of the Earth. “Island ” focuses on the lives of a skeptical journalist on utopian Pala Island after a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean. Trying to survive using Pala Island’s natural resources, the journalist discovers an independent people living on the island. The journalist who adopts their lifestyle and culture as he gets to know the people who live here will encounter psychodelic adventures and alternative society structure on this path.

The series, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is now available on any digital platform (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc.) has no agreement. We can say that the countdown has started for the production, which will take shape in the coming days.

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