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Keanu Reeves Makes Entry Into The World Of Comics

by Movie Mag

Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt have begun work on a new comic book series, “BRZRKR”

Keanu Reeves starred in many different productions during his acting career. Reeves, who was also brought up by his off-screen actions, is now working on his new comic book series “BRZRKR” with Matt Kindt. Who knows, maybe a motion picture adaptation of this comic will appear in the coming days.

The story, which tastes a bit” the Old Guard “a bit” Wolverine, ” tells of a character born 80000 years ago whose father is the God of war. In an interview, he said, “the story, which has some fantastic elements into reality, is about a man who fought for years because his father was a god of war, trying to figure out what he should do in the future with his human side outweighing it. He also looks a lot like one of its creators.”Reeves emphasized that the character’s exterior looks like his own.

His drawings consist of 12 pieces of comics belonging to Alessandro Vitti. The main character hiding in America has made a deal with the government. Our character, who is a mercenary for the government, exchanges information with the government about where he came from in return for his services. Will the “BRZRKR” trying to end his immortality with this information achieve its goal?

Keanu Reeves stated that he would love to play this character, even if it wasn’t him, to see it on screen. The comic book studio, which is in talks with Netflix, may come across a movie or series as a result of these interviews.

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