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” Groundhog Day ” Film Being Adapted Into Series

by Heuristic

One of Bill Murray’s perhaps best films, “Groundhog Day,” will come to screens as a series. Stephen Tobolowsky, one of the film’s cast members, said in a podcast broadcast that work on the series had begun.

Tobolowsky has yet to say anything about the story of the series and whether or not Origin will be cast from the film: “there is talk about a Groundhog Day series. When I was working on one of The Goldbergs or Schooled, one of the producers asked me if I could play Ned, and I said Why not.”

The Film was centering on the sense of jamming experienced by Phil Connors, who presents the weather. Featuring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, the film was directed by Harold Ramis.

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