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Director Of Beyond Good & Evil

by Heuristic

The director of the television adaptation of the classic video game “Beyond Good & Evil”was Rob Letterman.

The television adaptation of Video games continues to follow one after another. Rob Letterman, who enjoyed great success with the film” Detective Pikachu, “became the director of Netflix’s new project,”Beyond Good & Evil.”

The project, whose staff has just begun to take shape, is currently in search of a screenwriter. Released in 2003,” Beyond Good & Evil ” soon gained its own fan base and success. 25. The century-old story tells of an alien invasion of a mining planet in deep space. The story focuses on young photojournalist Jade, who senses that the invasion has been supported from within the planet, uncovering this corruption and preventing the invasion.

The series, planned as a trilogy but not a sequel after the first game, thrilled fans with Ubisoft’s announcement of the sequel in 2017. But again the project, which is not happening for some reason, perhaps comes up again after the television adaptation of”Beyond Good & Evil.”

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