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Cinema is back in Asia: Peninsula grossed $13.2 million in its first five days on vision in South Korea

by Movie Mag

Notable for its first-day performance at the box office, Peninsula grossed $13.2 million over five days, including the weekend in South Korea, and has breathed a lot of hard times in the epidemic.

In South Korea, cinema began to return to its pre-epidemic days. As the return of cinemas in the country to its new normal framework was designed step by step, this planning began to bear fruit with the Peninsula. In the middle of June, the local production Innocence, which has been watched by 863 thousand spectators so far, has been in the vision for about a month and watched by a total of 1 million 850 thousand spectators, such as Alive, the audience is presented with the choice in the return stage, the new normal measures applied in the halls and these measures are sufficient in terms of The audience, who had gradually regained confidence in the halls in these conditions, showed its influence in the first film, which had a high box office expectation.

Opening its first day in South Korea on July 15, Peninsula grossed 353 thousand viewers and $2.4 million, and managed to Grosse $13.2 million in its first five days in vision, being watched by 1.8 million viewers. The Film has also been successful in other countries where it has made its vision in Asia, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia. Peninsula is estimated to have grossed around $20 million in Asia over the past five days, including its revenue in those countries.

In terms of Box office, there are positive developments in China and Japan, the other two largest countries in Asia. From Today In Japan, It’s My Turn!! the motion picture of the series, adapted from the manga, was a successful performance, grossing $6 million in its first three days in vision. In China, cinemas are opening in low-risk areas from today. In addition to domestic productions, Hollywood films such as Dolittle, Bloodshot, 1917 will also be screened in cinemas opening in China.

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