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Christopher Nolan Talks About James Bond Influence In His Films

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Christopher Nolan, director of the film tenet, which was released yesterday, made remarks about the James Bond influence and cinema experience in his films.

The impact of the James Bond films, especially the Espionage theme, on the Christopher Nolan films is undeniable. Nolan also expresses this admiration for James Bond. The director’s last film, Tenet, was one of the films in which this influence was felt most. The Protagonist, portrayed by John David Washington, is a character who travels the world and goes on action-high adventures.

“The first James Bond film I remember watching at the cinema was The Spy Who Loved Me, starring Roger Moore, ” said Christopher Nolan, referring to other productions that influenced the film. , ” he said. Lewis Gilbert signed 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me was one of his favorite films and he often tried not to watch it, the director said, “I recently watched it again and made my kids watch it. You can get that feeling I had when I was little. I think I was 7, I went to the movies with my dad.”he added his sentences.

Christopher Nolan Stressed That Cinema Is At Its Purest State Of Escape From Reality

“What I remember from that experience was the feeling that it was possible to jump on the screen and go all over the world and see the most wonderful things. It really was a huge opportunity.”using his statements, Nolan expressed that this was the purest form of escaping the truth. He added that he found it great to include fantasy elements in the film.

Christopher Nolan said that he has worked all his career to bring this kind of experience to audiences, and he also wanted to evoke a sense of curiosity about what movies can do and where they can take them.

Nolan films such as Inception, Batman, Memento, Dunkirk, which are also notable for their set and production design, are a success in making the audience believe in the world they see. “The real world is so vast and so extraordinary that when you go to the scene of the shooting, it can give you new possibilities.”

“The point is to escape from reality and to take the audience to places that are dazzling and quite dangerous that they can’t go to in their ordinary lives when they go to the movies, ” Nolan said. That, combined with the nature of the escape from reality that the audience will bond with, offers enormous breadth. But for that, the narrative must also cover the necessary information and risks. Because what we were dealing with in the Tenet film was a threat that concerned the whole world, as in a classic espionage film. And I think when you show a bigger part of the world in the film and the people who live around here, you’re reminded of the scale of the constant threat as an audience. It’s not a specific threat to a particular region in Tenet as well, it’s something that threatens all of us., ” he said.

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