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Anthony Mackie Speaks Of Marvel’s Necessity To Put Blacks Ahead

by Heuristic

Anthony Mackie says they’re more racist when they try not to be racist.

In recent weeks, Anthony Mackie has spoken out about the racism found in Marvel during his Snowpiercer interview. They said Marvel was making movies specifically for black people, and continued to put black people in the background, not to give them jobs in the rest of their films. Mackie had expressed that this was more racist than racist. Now, in an interview with fatherly, he has made his remarks more clear. The actress said it was all about awareness.

Anthony Mackie expressed his dismay that the entire cast and crew were black in Black Panther, but none of those names were featured in another Marvel movie. So in order to be a secret political Corrector, films are made exclusively for black people. But in reality, racism continues. Mackie added the following to his remarks::

He said: “I don’t think what’s happening right now is a problem of racism. It’s an awareness issue. With Marvel, I think most companies are doing what they think they should be doing. No way, shape, form is enough. I think they should stick their money in their mouths. You can’t make a black man one of your main characters and expect him not to make that speech. It’s in my DNA to have that conversation. It’s a great chance for me to be involved in Marvel, and it’s my job to bring Marvel into the best shape it can be. If one of the big companies in our industry is having a party in their homes, 98% of those attending will be white. If you go to their offices, you’ll see that 98% of their employees are white. This is their reality.”

Anthony Mackie’s earlier remarks were answered by the Russo Brothers. It is highly anticipated who will respond this time. The actor is known to appear in future productions such as the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as Woman in the Window, Outside the Wire, Signal Hill and the Blue Mauritus.

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