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47 Ronin’s Sequel Coming Up

by Heuristic

Work has begun on a sequel to “47 Ronin,”which will be a Netflix production directed by Ron Yuan.

The film “47 Ronin,” directed by Carl Rinsch, which came out in 2013, has been a huge success, blending samurai culture and fantastic elements. In the film, starring Keanu Reeves, we witness the struggle of a ronin who joins forces with 46 other samurai against a villain and his army with supernatural powers. “47 Ronin” is a sequel to the film, which is still in memory after 7 years, and has been started in partnership with Universal Pictures and Netflix.

Ron Yuan, one of the cast members of the new “Mulan” film, directed the sequel “47 Ronin”. The talented actress and director is known for blending physical action scenes and defensive arts with dance in her films. It is not yet clear whether Keanu Reeves will be in the sequel.

The sequel to”47 Ronin ” will tell 300 years after the first film. ” I can’t wait to work with Universal Pictures on a project like this, “said director Ron Yuan, who expressed excitement for the new film, which will blend samurai culture with “Cyberpunk” elements and a tense atmosphere. Wait for our news for a cyberpunk universe with plenty of action and horror elements in the hybrid sequel.”In the form of a statement, moviegoers shared the excitement.

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